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Welcome to the ministry of Bishop Larry H. Jordan, Sr. and Pastor Delphine R. Jordan.  We believe that all the Lord has gifted us to do within the body of Christ has been given by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we take no ownership of ministry instead we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit allowing Him to will through us the manifestation of His gifts.  We are purposed to serve God's people.

Bishop Larry H. Jordan, Sr.


    Bishop Larry H. Jordan, Sr. is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Believers Worship Center, Inc.  He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and graduated from Anacostia High School.  He currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD and is married to Reverend Delphine R. Jordan who serves as the Co-Pastor of The Believers Worship Center.  From their union they have three adult children- two sons and a daughter; two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and nine grandchildren.

    Bishop Jordan received salvation in 1971, he was ordained as a Pastor in 1992 and has been in ministry for over 48 years.  He is an accomplished singer, songwriter, executive producer, and the author of multiple publications including “Pastor Beware”.  He has been a faithful pastor and teacher of the Word and continues to build on the foundation which has been laid through Jesus Christ. 

    Bishop Jordan is not just a preacher who keeps the gospel within the walls of the church.  He believes the gospel and the church should impact the community.  His aspiration for the community is to complete the spiritual and moral values of life by promoting the adoption and application of higher social, economical and professional standards.  His goals are to implement a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship, which will build better communities by focusing on helping people.  As Senior Pastor of The Believers Worship Center, he has developed a ministry that reaches the community through various programs instituted to serve the needs of people.  He is committed to youth and young adults being delivered from drug and alcohol addictions. He is concerned about the needs of the homeless, battered, abused, and those who are incarcerated.  He wants to see a new beginning in life for these individuals.  He wants to see stronger families through marriage and prepare teens for entry into the social-economic world through higher education, by implementing programs that will foster our youth through mentoring to assure successful graduation and entry into college.  He has initiated the Special Guardian Program as a liaison between parents with troubled children and the school system.  This program assists parents who lack the skills to communicate effectively with counselors and school officials to ascertain a course of action for the child’s educational benefit.  He strongly believes that the church has to do a better job in preparing our youth for entry into the workforce.

    Bishop Jordan strives for “excellence” and accepts nothing less from his co-laborers in ministry.  He has established The Believers Bible Institute to prepare and ordain men and women who are called to the ministry.  A desire to see pastors flourish in the excellence of Christ compelled Bishop Jordan to create the United Pastors Association.  This is an organization established with a governing board of pastors purposed to create annual conferences, seminars, forums and revivals focused on the body of Christ.  Bishop Jordan has also created the Federation of International Ministries, Inc.  This ministry’s focus centers around missions to help build, cover, and oversee churches and ministries around the world.

    Bishop Jordan is continually committed in his efforts to reform the lives of individuals by setting a standard through preaching, teaching and demonstration of the true gifts of the Spirit and the power of God.  It is this commitment coupled with over 48 years of ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ that was instrumental in him receiving his Doctorate of Divinity from Springfield Christian College in August 2007. 

    Bishop Jordan’s goal is to do more than merely build a church, but to create an institution wherein our Lord Jesus Christ can be glorified.  The church has been established for the spiritual growth of believers, to reach the unsaved, to instruct and be influential through lives of character to produce integrity, faith, and righteousness for God in the world.  Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Jordan and The Believers Worship Center are determined to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom of God in the community and within the body of Christ.

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