$25 Pledge Campaign

$25 is all it takes! The Believers Worship Center, Inc. hopes to reach 1 million viewers on our website. If the information we provide for spiritual growth has been beneficial to your life, will you please give a $25 tax deductible contribution to help us in our endeavor to pay off our building, and to complete construction? To be debt free of a mortgage will help us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, help the poor, reach people in the community, the nation, and around the world. With sound doctrine and biblical prophecy it is our goal to prepare people for the coming of Jesus Christ. Your $25 donation will help us “Build a Church to Build the Community” and reach people around the world through our website.

Thank you for your pledge to our $25 Campaign.  We have a two-step process:

1.  Please fill in the requested information below and click submit. You will be redirected back to this page to finish and make your donation.

Moving People In The Right Direction

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